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Evolution and the Origin of Life

1. If you put a frog in a blender you would have all the essential proteins for life and complete cells that are more complex than the pre-life molecules described by current abiogenesis theory.  This organic frog soup thus provides an example of a more evolved yet state in the origin of life.

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2.  In its very simplest form, life is:

A) An assemblage of specific proteins and organic compounds.

B) a dynamic system of multiple interdependent subsystems.

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3.  Observation of change and adaptation in living organisms provides evidence that non-living matter transformed itself into living organisms.

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4.  Life originated:

A) In pools of organic slime energized by lightning.

B) In undersea thermal vents.

C) By the seeding of organic materials when comets collided with the earth.

D) None of the above or no single answer.

Answer A, B, C or D: 

5.  Probability theory demonstrates that life is likely to occur naturally IF given enough time.

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6.  The spontaneous generation of life from non-living matter is:

A)  Supported by scientific observation and evidence from laboratory experiments.
B)  Never observed or fully explained but is a necessary assumption to support a presupposition that life arose naturally and was not created by an outside intelligence or causal agent.

Answer A or B: 

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