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Pi - The Movie.
That's right, the movie, and it really should have been called Phi but the producers probably felt that Pi would have appeal to a broader audience.  
Released in 1998, this intense and intriguing drama focuses on a mathematical genius who finds patterns in everything.  If you like this site, you'll probably like this movie.  Available in DVD or VHS
Golden section caliperThe Golden Mean Book & Caliper Set by Stephen McIntosh
The book is only 64 pages, but does a great job of providing examples on the golden section in life, art, math and its aesthetic/spiritual underpinnings.  The 14" calipers provide an fun, easy way to experiment with finding golden sections and can be used as a tool for art and geometry.
Professional Golden Mean Gauge
This Golden Mean Gauge is available from Eddy Levin, a dentist in England who uses the Golden Mean to assure proper proportions in dentistry procedures.  He offers a precision gauge for medical and other high quality work as well as a less expensive student quality guage.
Fascinating Fibonaccis-Mystery and Magic in Numbers by Trudi Hammel Garland
Easy to read introduction to Fibonacci numbers in nature, math, science, music, art, and architecture.
Fibonacci Fun: Fascinating Activities With Intriguing Numbers by Trudi Hammel Garland
The Divine Proportion : A Study in Mathematical Beauty by H. E. Huntley
A very good foundational resource that goes fairly deep into the mathematics and geometry of phi, the golden section and the Fibonacci series while also providing some very good practical examples and applications.
ERMANOMETRY:  The Perfectly Patterned Stock Market by William T. Erman
A Psychological Theory of Bipolarity and Reflexivity by Vladimir A. Lefebvre
Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders (Wiley Trader's Advantage) by Robert Fischer
R.N. Elliott's Masterworks : The Definitive Collection by Robert R., Jr. Prechter
Golden Section by Runion, Garth E. Runion
The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers by R. A. Dunlap
Fibonacci Numbers by Nikolai N Vorobev
Understanding Fibonacci Numbers by Edward D. Dobson
A Mathematical History of the Golden Number [UNABRIDGED] by Roger Herz-Fischles
Fibonacci & Lucas numbers, and the golden section : theory and applications by S. Vajda (Out of print)
Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers and the Golden Section : Theory and Application (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics and Its Applications. Numerical Anal)  (Out of print)
Divine Proportion by Luca Pacioli
The Book of Squares by Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci
Collection of Manuscripts Related to Fibonacci Sequence by Hoggat-Bicknell
The metaphysics of figures & symbols in Fibonacci's conception of the universe by Leonardo Fibonacci
Applications of Fibonacci Numbers : Proceedings of 'the Third International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications', Pisa, Italy, Jul by G.E. Bergum, A.N. Philippou, A.F. Horadam
Applications of Fibonacci Numbers : Proceedings of 'the Fourth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications', Wake Forest Uni by G.E. Bergum, A.N. Philippou, A.F. Horadam
Applications of Fibonnaci Numbers : Proceedings of 'the Fifth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications', the University O by G.E. Bergum, A.N. Philippou, A.F. Horadam
Applications of Fibonacci Numbers : Proceedings of `the Sixth International Research Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications', washingt by G.E. Bergum (Editor), Andreas N. Philippou
Fibonacci Ratios With Pattern Recognition by Larry Pesavento
An Introduction to Fibonacci Discovery by Brother U. Alfred
Primer for the Fibonacci Numbers by V.E. Hoggatt, M. Bicknell

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Phi - The Golden Number
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Golden Section / Mean / Proportion / Ratio / Number,
Divine Proportion, Fibonacci Series and Phi (1.6180339887...)

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