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The Divine Proportion and Life

The design of life is based on a "Golden Ruler™"

It has long been known that the Golden Section, or Divine Proportion, appears in certain proportions of living organisms.  In 1997, I began to wonder how universal this was and how far it could be applied.  I took a golden section of a line not just once, but many times, to form what I like to call the "golden ruler," shown as follows:

First, take a line and divide it so that the proportion of (B) to (A) is the same as the proportion of (C) to (B):

Sectioning a line to form the Golden Section or Divine Proportion

Divide the line again and again in the same way:

Successive Golden Sections of a Line

Combine the segments to create a measuring stick or "Golden Ruler™:"

The "Golden Ruler" - a Fibonacci Measuring Stick (copyright EOT 1997)

This appears in the proportions of many life forms:

The human hand, face and body all exhibit the Divine Proportion

The human face is based on the Divine Proportion

The Divine Proportion is in spirals of a shell

The Divine Proportion is in body sections of an ant

The Divine Proportion in the body of a dolphin

The Golden Ruler™ can be expanded to a Golden Grid™

You can take the process another step further by creating a "Golden Grid," taking it from one dimension to two dimensions:

Golden Grid by The Evolution of Truth

This approach can be used to explain the physical proportions of many life forms, but the most beautiful application is found in humans:

The Golden Grid and the Human Face

It appears that this "golden ruler" is a common, if not universal, metric in the design of living organisms.

Try it on the Do It Yourself page!


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