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The Phi Guy

For those of you wondering who created this site and why, here's a little background information.  

The inspiration for the site came as a result of coming to faith in God through Jesus Christ.  This experience challenged many beliefs I had held and motivated me to dig deeper into the mysteries of life's origins and purpose.  While much of this pursuit was spiritual in nature, I also began to better appreciate the incredible beauty and design of the universe in which we live.  The more I explored, the more I discovered that the number called Phi, or 1.6180339..., appears as a pervasive constant of design in many aspects of our existence.  Those presented on this site are only the beginning.

Could some appearances of phi be just natural?  Certainly.  Even then, we still have to ask how the physical laws of the universe that we consider "natural" are so precisely tuned to support life, do we not?  Could the pervasive appearance of phi instead be evidence of a broader plan of Design?  That's something we must each study, experience, ponder and decide for ourselves.

Since the site was first introduced, I've come to realize that my connection to phi goes beyond just a fascination with the topic.  Several years after starting this study, someone I met through this site pointed out to me that my birth date falls at the "phi point" of the year.  My intials are GM, the same as the Golden Mean and my full time employment is as a Chief 'Fi'nancial Officer.  I guess you can call me the "Phi Guy."

This site is not connected with any scientific, religious or research organization and I don't have any special credentials for this topic, unless you want to count a lifelong love of math, certification as a CPA and an MBA in 'Fi'nance.  The goal of the site is simply to share phi and the experience of seeing and appreciating the work of our Creator.  I hope you find the site takes you beyond interest to insight and inspiration, and that through it you come to better know the Master Architect and Mathematician of the Universe.  You can find other sites I've developed with the similar goals in mind at:

The Evolution of Truth

Snapshots of God

Solar Geometry

Gary Meisner
The Phi Guy and author and developer of the "Phi-Nest"™ at


Phi - The Golden Number
A source to some of Net's "phi-nest" information on the
Golden Section / Mean / Proportion / Ratio / Number,
Divine Proportion, Fibonacci Series and Phi (1.6180339887...)

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