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Welcome to the Evolution of Truth

There are presently four sites in the Evolution of Truth family of sites, each of which contains many other links and resources, designed to help you to see God's design in the universe around you and to find Him within you.  The sites are as follows:

The Evolution of Truth

The Evolution of Truth - A look at evidences of Intelligent design in the world around us, issues with evolution theory as an explanation for life and perspectives on how our understanding of the truth in science and about life is constantly evolving.

Snapshots of God - A cynical agnostic goes on an unexpected spiritual journey and brings back photos and stories from his trip.  Share in a collection of insights and experiences gained in coming to know God.

The Phi Nest:  A source to the golden section, Divine proportion, Fibonacci series and phi

The Phi Nest - You know pi, or p, as 3.14159..., but do you know phi, or f? Come see some of the 'phi-nest' information on the Golden Section, Divine Proportion, Fibonacci series and the mysterious number, 1.6180339...,  called "phi."

Solar Geometry - Presenting a case for Intelligent design of the solar system based on unique mathematical and geometric relationships in the sizes and orbital parameters of the planets and moon.

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