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Religion and science are opposed . . . but only in the same sense as that in which my thumb and forefinger are opposed - and between the two, one can grasp everything.

Sir William Bragg

I grew up in an era of incredible technological advancement, from the first walk on the moon to a worldwide network of computers and communication.  As I grew up, I was taught that evolution was fact and that it provided a complete and logical scientific explanation for our existence.  My belief in this left little need or reason to believe in God.

Walk on the Moon

It wasn't until many years later that I experienced something which I could not explain apart from God's existence.   My experience doesn't prove that God exists.  It did, however, force me to re-examine all that I had been taught.  I was shocked as I realized the problems that exist with the theory of evolution in explaining our existence and how much evidence exists for Divine Creation.

The Earth from space

I know now that I missed an important part of life during those years when I let the wonder and mystery of life's origin and purpose be  rationalized away.  I don't want this to happen to you or to anyone else.  It is my hope that this web site will help you to see that evolution is far from being a truth, or even a fact, in explaining our existence.

Science is an absolutely incredible tool, but a tool that is self-limiting by its nature.  Like any tool, it produces good results when used well and bad results when misapplied.  It cannot and should not be used to keep any of us from seeking God.  It is my hope that you will seek the truths that are eternal rather than basing your life on facts that change from one generation to the next.

Our understanding of the truth is indeed evolving before us and within us.  The one evolution that I've experienced to be true, the one "Evolution of Truth," is the evolution that happens within you as you begin to seek the truth as to the origin, purpose and destination of your journey through life and come to know your Creator.

A perspective from Scripture
A Perspective from Scripture

I hope this site interests, challenges or inspires you to explore below the surface on BOTH sides of this issue.  Enjoy the other pages and the links I've provided to continue your own search or read more about mine and the answers I've found on coming to know God and the new perspectives I've gained.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts in my guest log.

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In this section
 The Truth of Life • Know God Through Christ • A Perspective from Scripture • Quotations

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