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Snapshots of God - A cynical agnostic goes on an unexpected spiritual journey and brings back photos and stories to share with others.

The Phi Nest - More on the Golden Section, Fibonacci Series and Phi

Solar Geometry - A Case for Intelligent Design of the Solar System


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A Perspective from Scripture
Sites on Spiritual Growth and Knowing God
Sites on Creation and Evolution
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Spiritual Growth and Knowing God

Who is Jesus? - Excellent background information on Jesus

Jesus and the Intellectual - Does Jesus as Christ meet tests of reason?

The Jesus Video - Real-time online movie based on the book of Luke

The Sermon on the Mount - Reproduced here from the book of Matthew

The Gospel of John - Extracts of a few key passages

Free Bible Software - King James is free. You can purchase NIV translation

Life Application Bibles - Info on the New Living Translation from Tyndale or the New International Translation from Zondervan. Available on the Net at big discounts.

Online Bible - King James with built-in Hebrew/Greek Dictionary and References

10 Reasons to Believe

My Utmost for His Highest - Online classic Daily Devotional

The Imitation of Christ - Online classic by Thomas ŕ Kempis

The Pursuit of God - Online classic by A.W. Tozer

Crosswalk - Christian information, entertainment and community site

FaithMania - Featuring listings of the best FAMILY SAFEŽ web site listings, including this site, The Evolution of Truth.

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Creation, Evolution
and Seeking the Truth

Answers in Genesis (Publisher of Creation Magazine)

Access Research Network - Origins Research (Hosting Darwin's Black Box and Darwin on Trial)

Belief Spectrum - Who Believes What (Links on both sides grouped by core belief)

Biblical Astronomy

Blind Fools - Expect the unexpected here.  A unique approach.

Center for Scientific Creation

Charles Darwin - The Origin of Species (Full text of book.  See Chapter on Difficulties)

Christian Answers.Net

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Christian and Science

Constancy of Velocity of Light

Creation Connection

Creation Network (TV)

Creation Outreach (Links page)

Creation Research Society

Creation Science (or Links page)

Creation vs. Evolution - Links that present both sides

CSICOP Home Page - Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

Day Star Welcome (Show Me God)

Does God Exist?

Eye Design Book

Faith and Reason

Finding God in Physics

Forgotten History of the Western People

Fresh Look At the Theory of Evolution

Institute of Human Origins

Institute for Creation Research

John Woodmorappe site

Meridian Creation Site

Noah's Ark Project


Origin of Life and The Suppression of Truth (Miller-Urey Experiment)

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry

Probabilities of Abiogenesis

Reasons To Believe

Revolution Against Evolution


Science and the Bible

Science, Naturalism, and Origins (The Myth of Natural Origins: How Science Points to Divine Creation)

Scientific Proofs of God and Creation Science

Stand to Reason

Talk.Origins Archive

Theory of Evolution (Ted Holden Page)

The Truth Contest (A contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth, through a series of essays)

Ultimate Christian Apologetics

Why I Disbelieve Evolution (Thoughtful articles on science) .

Yahoo's Creation/Evolution list

Fibonacci Spiral Nautilus Sea Shell Spiral

Golden Section, Divine Proportion, Fibonacci Series and Phi

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Phi: The Golden Number at

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Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science AwardDr. Matrix' Web World of Science -Recognizing quality science sites with awards, including this site, "The Evolution of Truth," under Skeptical Inquiry, Culture & Philosophy and Exploration & Reference.

Amino Acid Collection  - Photographs and Information

Human Genome Project - Excellent information on DNA and genetics

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Institute of Human Origins

Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" - Online text

Earth from Space - NASA site

National Space Science Data Center Photo Gallery

Electron Microscopy Gallery - Photographs of living organisms

Evidence of the Missing Link

Christian Links and Search Engines - Hundreds of links to Christian Sites

Creation Studies Institute

Darwinism Debunked

National Academy of Science on Evolution

Science and Christianity

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