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By Chance or by Design?

The Other Side of Common Beliefs

The non-believer looks at the evidence and sees a universe that clearly is the result of natural processes.  The believer looks at the same evidence and sees a universe that clearly is the result of Intelligent design.  Is it the evidence that leads us to our conclusions, or is it our beliefs about God that determine how we are able to see the evidence?

Does evolution explain the origin of life or is it just being used to rationalize a belief that life began without God, as our culture moves from freedom of religion to freedom from religion?

Is it possible that evolution theory is being used to make monkeys out of us in more ways than one?  Take a look at both sides of this critical issue.

Monkey see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil or . . .

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Evolution explains the origin and diversity of life. Note:  This goes back to "Real Signs of Intelligence" There are compelling reasons to believe in Divine Creation, and no evidence to deny or disprove it.
Life is the result of a chance interaction of chemicals and lightning in the Earth's early atmosphere. The probability of life occurring on its own is so infinitesimally small that it would be treated as an impossibility in any other branch of science or math.
Given enough time, anything can happen. In some types of probabilities, an outcome must occur.   In others there is no reason to assume anything will occur.
Evolution shows that life began on its own. Evolution is a process of change in LIVING organisms.   Even if it's true, this provides no basis to conclude that INANIMATE matter turned into living organisms on its own, which is an entirely different process called abiogenesis.
Darwin's work explains the origin of species. Darwin himself admitted many shortcomings in his theory and assumed it would be supported by fossil evidence that still has yet to be found.
Miller and Urey created the beginnings of life in a laboratory in the 1950's. All they created were some basic amino acids, a building block of proteins.  There was nothing even remotely close to DNA, a single cell or any life functions.
Life was discovered on Mars in 1996, adding to the evidence for life forming on its own. The "fossil bacteria" was at least 100 times smaller than the smallest bacteria on earth and contained a mixture of chemicals commonly found on meteorites.
Gould's thesis on shells  proves natural selection. Stephen Wolfram, a pioneer in cellular automata, says Gould's thesis has mathematical errors and "that natural selection is not all that important."
Richard Dawkins' many books demonstrate that life is purely the result of chance and adaptation. Dawkins' writings have great appeal to atheists and those seeking for answers that deny God, but are filled with inconsistencies and incomplete conclusions.
Life evolved from the very simple to the highly complex. Even the simplest of life forms are highly sophisticated pieces of biological machinery whose origins we cannot explain.
The adaptation and natural selection prove evolution. Adaptation and natural selection prove "micro-evolution," small variations in existing features that may even already exist in the DNA.  This does not prove "macro-evolution," the creation of new organs, species or orders.
Common features found in animals demonstrate common ancestry.

Common features can just as logically demonstrate a common Designer.
Early man had ape-like hair coverings, corroborating our descent from apes. Since bones are all we have in the fossil record, representations of tissue and hair appearance can be drawn to look like anything the artist wants you to believe.
Evolutionary transitions from early life forms to modern man, often shown in an "evolutionary tree," illustrate the gradual change from early life to modern man. The fossil record lacks evidence to explain all the orders and species that we find in life.  A new theory called "punctuated equilibrium" was proposed to explain the lack of evidence, but the problem is thus that it too is unsupported by evidence.
Evolution explains the origin of life and is a scientific fact. Evolution is used by some to support an unprovable belief that life began on its own.  It interprets the evidence we have in the only way possible to support that belief.  It ignores opposing evidence.  There have been instances of evidence being exaggerated, falsely interpreted and even fabricated.  Evolution theory fails to investigate the alternate hypothesis that life didn't form on its own because Divine Creation is defined to be outside the bounds of science, even if it is the truth.

There is nothing wrong with holding beliefs that are based on faith rather than complete evidence.  This is the nature of all religions.

When evolution is used to explain life's origin and assumes an unprovable position (or faith) that God did not create life, is it then still science or has it just stepped over the boundaries of science to become a humanist or atheistic religion? If it's religion, why is it taught in our schools?  If it's science, why don't we teach all that we know, and do not know, about the possibilities for life's origins and diversity with complete openness and honesty?

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The Other Side of Common Beliefs
Common Beliefs

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Seek the Truth

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