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If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, look here first.

10/9/02 - Added to the Creation TopSites List.  Visit this link to vote for this site or to find other sites on this topic. 

09/08/02 - Added a page on In Memoriam of Life's Unfit, a tongue-in-cheek look at the losers in the battle of evolution as a means to illustrate some of the incredible design and technology in life.  Submit your own entry.  It may be added to the page!

06/21/02 - Added a page on Richard Dawkins to address the many inconsistencies presented in his books, which have influenced many to accept highly atheistic views on life.

05/12/02 - Redesigned the entire site for improved ease of access to contents and a more updated look.

04/27/02 - Added a "Pop Quiz on the Origin of Life and Evolution" in response to a letter received from a student.

Discovering the Joy of Faith!06/25/01 - The Evolution of Truth was selected as a featured site in's FAMILY SAFE® listings as one of the best FAMILY FRIENDLY sites on the Web by its researchers. You can view their site selections at

06/16/01 - Added a few new items to the Humor page.

02/03/01 - Added a page called  "Life's a Gas:  The Comets Did It!" on the new theory that life on Earth was "seeded" by comets from outer space.  Sounds more like the plot of a 50's vintage B sci-fi movie, don't you think?  Also added a page on the apparatus used and the assumptions made on the early atmosphere in the  Miller-Urey Experiment, which the new comet theory replaces.

01/27/01 - Added a page called Humor, The Sixth Sense on creation, evolution and related topics.

12/30/00 - Added a new page on cellular automata theory and the finding of scientist Stephen Wolfram that Gould's thesis on natural selection has mathematical errors.  Updated the History of Evolution page with this information as well.  "Complexity is destiny—and Darwin becomes a footnote."  "I've come to believe," says Wolfram, "that natural selection is not all that important."  Also added a page on the Sixth Sense:  Humor to add a little fun to this topic, along with Who made Grandma hairy?, a look at the science of reconstructing skin and hair appearance when starting with just bone fragments.

10/17/00 - While I've received many kind and supportive comments about this site, I've also received letters from critics which range from intelligent and challenging to simply mean.  In the hope of inspiring others to study both sides of this issue, I've added a section featuring a number of these letters and my responses to those who wrote them.

3/27/00 - Added a language translator for all four sites at EvolutionofTruth using InterTran courtesy of Translation Experts Ltd.

2/20/00 - Added a new site to this domain called "Snapshots of God."  Let's see.  How can I describe this site?  How about "a cynical agnostic goes on an unexpected spiritual journey and brings back photos and stories from his trip."  Share in a collection of insights and experiences gained in coming to know God.

12/5/99 - Added a new site to this domain called "Solar Geometry - A Case for Divine Design of the Solar System."  This site explores intriguing mathematical relationships in our solar system.  It was developed from  insights shared with me by someone who visited this site, and who soon became a good friend.  Take a look and see what you think.

10/19/99 - Added a page called (Abio)Genesis 1:1 In the beginning... in response to a letter on the subject to pose some questions about this alternative theory to intelligent design.  I have been developing an exciting new site for a friend, which is also on evidence of intelligent design.  I hope to unveil it soon, so check back often.

9/1/99 - In its first six months on the Internet, The Evolution of Truth and its sub-site, The Phi Nest, had 7,380 hits from 74 different countries / domains.  The reach of the Internet is absolutely incredible!

8/21/99 - Added a page on Unnatural Selection, illustrating a variety of examples of life and the universe that seem to go beyond what we would expect to happen naturally or by chance.  Added a page on Letters Received to recap some of the comments received on the Feedback page.

6/20/99 - Made it easier to navigate the section on evolution.

6/18/99 - Added a page on Life on Mars, questioning the logic, scientific support and conclusions of this sensational 1996 announcement from NASA.

6/13/99 - Added a page on Evolution and the Scientific Method, questioning whether the scientific method can be applied when evolution theory will not examine the alternate hypothesis that life was created.

Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science Award6/1/99 - Was honored to receive an award from Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science, which recognizes quality science sites.  The Evolution of Truth received awards under three categories: Skeptical Inquiry, Culture & Philosophy and Exploration & Reference.  Read the review.

5/15/99 - Added three new pages:  The Other Side of Common Beliefs as a brief overview to all the evolution topics, "Life" in a Test Tube? on the highly exaggerated claims surrounding the Miller-Urey experiment and About the Author to answer some of the questions I have received.  Made a variety of other changes to pages over the past month in response to reader comments.

Yahoo!3/18/99 - "Evolution of Truth" is added to Yahoo's Creation and Evolution category and the hits started rolling in.  Thank you to all who have written!

2/27/99 - Uploaded the site to its new home:  Made a variety of cosmetic improvements to page formatting and graphics.

2/20/99 - Applied for the domain name "" and a virtual hosting provider.

11/25/98 - Added another page on Examples in Nature illustrating the Fibonacci series and Divine Proportion in plants, the solar system and bird songs.  Also made some enhancements to the Face page.

10/16/98 - Added new pages on Evolution vs. Selection, Seeking the Truth, A Perspective from Scripture, and Recommended Books, which allows purchase directly through this site from  (I'm a book store!)  Greatly expanded the Links page and made a number of other changes throughout the site to simplify the narratives, improve the graphics and flow, and appeal to a broader audience.

9/7/98 - Added some information on how phi appears in geometry, spirals, trigonometry and limits to the Fibonacci Series - Deeper Mysteries and Curiosities page, including some animated graphics I created.

2/21/98 - Added Fibonacci Calculation and Convergence to show how each successive number in the Fibonacci series converges on the Divine Proportion.

1/24/98 - Added Do You Feel Lucky?, using a little help from "Dirty Harry" to take a simple, but deeper look at probabilities involved in Darwinian evolution.

1/3/98 - Changed the site design to eliminate the frames since they seem to cause problems in certain browsers and make it difficult to print the framed sections.  Added an Overview page to provide a quick summary of the site's concepts.  Also added a page on the Irreducible Complexity of even the simplest life forms.

10/11/97 - Made touch ups and created new directories for images and sounds.  Moved to new web site address at earlier in the month. Added a Quotations page.  Optimized graphics for faster downloading.  Started registering with search engines.

09/13/97 - Greatly simplified the Real Signs of Intelligence page about the Golden Section and Divine Proportion to eliminate the mathematical concepts. Also added pictures of the Parthenon and Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" showing how the proportion was applied. Moved the math aspects of the Fibonacci number to a Mysteries page, added some information and made it much clearer, I believe. Added a page on The Truth of Life relating my experience in turning to God. Added a page on Knowing God to help readers find their own way in their search. Added a guest book to the Feedback page and connected it to a new Resource and Information Links page.

09/07/97 - Added a simpler introduction to the Divine Proportion for the mathematically-challenged (or bored), additional examples of the Divine Proportion in Nature and some Real Examples of Evolution. Made small refinements to other pages. As I add more information, I am trying to provide a simple path through the pages to present the message without asking too much time from viewers.

09/01/97 - Many new changes uploaded to web site including a number of original graphics demonstrating the design in creation. Pages updated include Searching for Another Intelligence and Design in The Human Face. New pages added include Design in Nature and A Brief History of Slime and Space

08/29/97 - New framed version uploaded with stationary navigation bar and narrower pages to allow for 480x600 browsers.

07/97 - First version of Evolution of Truth uploaded to America Online.


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