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Overview of what you'll find to explore:

As we search the heavens for evidence of another intelligence are we missing the signs that are all around us?

Is the complex code for life programmed into our DNA a better sign than we could ever hope to receive from space?

DNA - Chance or evidence of another intelligence?

Is there a natural explanation for the fact that the same proportions of design are found in so many life forms:

Take a line and divide it so that the proportion of (B) to (A) is the same as the proportion of (C) to (B)  This was known to the early Greeks as the "Golden Section:"

Sectioning a line to form the Golden Section or Divine Proportion

Divide the line again and again in the same way:

Successive Golden Sections of a Line

Combine the segments to create a measuring stick:

The "Golden Ruler" - a Fibonacci Measuring Stick (copyright EOT 1997)

You will find that this proportion is used in design throughout creation:

The human hand, face and body all exhibit the Divine Proportion

The human face is based on the Divine Proportion

The Divine Proportion is in spirals of a shell

The face of a tiger is based on the Divine Proportion

The Divine Proportion is in body sections of an ant

The Divine Proportion in the body of a dolphin

Prime numbers are often cited as a likely signal that another intelligence might use to communicate to us.  This proportion, however, is based on a mathematical series that is far more complex and intriguing.

Why are so many of mankind's greatest inventions found first in nature?  Can everything we observe be explained by natural selection?  Is adaptation and natural selection really evidence of evolution?

Are common beliefs about evolution the only way to view the evidence or are other explanations just as logical?  How sound is the approach to evolution when compared to the disciplines demanded in other fields of science?

How do we explain the irreducible complexity and incredible perfection in life's design?

What are the odds of life originating on its own?  Is this likely or so improbable as to be impossible?  What about abiogenesis theory?  Have we really created the beginnings of life in a test tube or found life on Mars?  Was life on Earth seeded by comets?  What do we learn from real examples of evolution?

Can all the answers be found in evolution alone or are some answers only found in God?  You can find arguments on both sides, but how can you know the truth?  Open a few more doors, consider the questions and decide for yourself which is the one true evolution, that is, the "Evolution of Truth."

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