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Are we searching for Another Intelligence or . . . ?

Evidence of Design

The Divine Proportion and Golden Section - An Introduction

Fibonacci Series - Deeper Mysteries and Curiosities

Fibonacci Calculation and Convergence

The Divine Proportion in:

the Human Hand
the Human Face
the Human Body

Nature - More Example in Animals
Nature - More Examples in Plants and Other Areas

"Been There, Done That!"  (Examples of technology in nature)

In Memoriam of Life's Unfit  (A look at the losers in evolution's battle of survival of the fittest)

Unnatural Selection  (Contradictions in "natural" selection)

The Origin of the Moon (Another evidence of Design?)

Evolution Alone or Intelligent Design?

The Other Side of Common Beliefs

Evolution and The Scientific Method

"Life" on Mars?

How The Evidence For Evolution has "Evolved"

          Cellular Automata and its implications for Evolution

Richard Dawkins

"Life" in a Test Tube or Designer "Genes"?

The Miller-Urey Experiment:  Natural or Unnatural?

Life's A Gas:  The Comets Did It!

Cydonia:  The Face on Mars

The Eye: How Could It "Evolve?"

Irreducible Complexity of "Simple" Cells and Life

Can't Anything Can Happen, Given Enough Time?

A Look at Probability:  Do You Feel Lucky?

(Abio)Genesis 1:1  In the beginning...

Who made Grandma hairy?

Is It Evolution or Just Selection?

Real Examples of Evolution: What Do We Learn?


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Snapshots of God

A cynical agnostic goes on an unexpected spiritual journey and brings back photos and stories from his trip.  Share in a collection of insights and experiences gained in coming to know God.

The Phi Nest

A deeper exploration into the Golden Section, Divine Proportion, Fibonacci Series and the mysterious number Phi.

Solar Geometry - A Case for Divine Design of the Solar System

A site developed to present insights shared by a friend on some fascinating relationships in the orbital parameters of planets in our solar system.


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