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Below are some comments received from readers, often with just the main thought about the site included, with personal comments eliminated for brevity and your privacy.  Most of the letters included below are positive.
I receive my share of negative letters too, but for some reason the positive ones are short and the negative ones can go on for pages, as do my responses to them.  You can see some of the letters from my critics and my responses by clicking HERE.

Thanks for your support, as this makes my efforts rewarding.  Thanks too for your challenges and criticisms, as this allows me to improve the accuracy and completeness of the site.  That is how our understanding of the truth evolves.

I compliment you on your website as I always enjoy looking for new perspectives regarding science and God.
I have a neophyte understanding of geometry, which nonetheless, removed the doubts arising from scientific rational and in effect proved Divine creation to my intelligence, which initially had difficulty accepting God. Your "Snapshots of God" is inspired and much needed. Thank you.
This site shows that thought is forever present in Life. Could life / universe have begun from thought / commands? A single being / presence, unlike life as we know it, that started it all? It was a pleasure reading your web-site!
Even I do not share all of your convictions I am extremely glad to see people able to defend their beliefs in a serious, logical and non-fanatic way.
This is a great website! God Bless you! I've already recommended the site to many of my non-Christian friends bent on using science, logic, and 'knowledge' to defend their atheism. This website is a wonderful tool, and I believe God is and will continue to use it to help turn people's hearts towards Him.
Thank you and keep showing the world you can believe in God AND science!
Your web site is awesome!  I too am a Christian and find it disappointing that there are so many professors teaching in colleges that aren't Christians and continue to teach untruths about God's divine creation, even teaching liberal views on the absence of God. Your web site was a refreshing change from much of the propaganda received today. The format was professional, informative and I found it helpful for the assignment I was working on. Thank you for your efforts, humble spirit and sharing your faith about Jesus Christ. May God bless you!
I love your site. You are a beautiful genius. I hope you use some of that
genius to explore new areas and hopefully dance around your room and laugh a lot while your doing it. Thanks for putting it there, and god bless.
I believe you, dear webmaster, and I have a lot in common.  Our beliefs stem from the same background. I was an atheist for most of my life. Then I began to think about what I was doing to myself.  I had put 100% of my faith into nothing.  What if I did have a soul? Would I be jeopardizing the only eternal part of myself because I was too proud to submit to a higher authority?  With your current research and anti-religious past, you seem to be a forerunner of the battle I have entered. Although you're not preaching, you have built a mighty pulpit. Thank you, excellent job, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
I find this site to be most interesting and well thought out. The design is superb.  The arrogance of the human being is in thinking that the only thing with intelligence is that which has a brain.
You make some excellent points. The human mind is easily influenced and conditioned, especially by information that is repeated. There are
subliminal factors working together such as the idea that human society also evolved in a straight line from simple to complex. Science seems to filter data that conflict with the model.  I am a writer and one problem I see with evolution is the missing link between non-flowering and flowering plants. That is a quantum leap more difficult to imagine than the ape to human. How would the first flowering plant become pollinated? Where were the bees? Positing co-evolution is convenient but the mechanisms are never explained. My hunch is that there is a reason that the all important missing links are never found.
I'd like to thank you for the time and effort that must have gone into your site in providing many good questions that science doesn't answer in its theory of evolution. I found it very helpful in a discussion I was having with a friend about why I do not believe in evolution. Thank you!
A very nice site containing a wealth of information. It has given me a few ideas and that's what it is all about. We travel a similar path.
I am studying mathematics with a view to teaching, but I am amazed again and again by the fascination of numbers in nature or in God as you may believe. I am an unbeliever, but I do find the nature of number to be sometimes more than just nature or could it be just nature being so incredible. Whatever you believe I find this so interesting and mind blowing at times. A brilliant site.
STUNNING!!! BEAUTIFUL!!  If the cosmos is but a "grand hologram" made out of energy then the Phi number is its basic unit of measurement and GOD its designer.
What a wonderful, wonderful site. Thanks for the great work!
I was surfing the net and i visited your wonderful page. I just wanna tell you it is great. :)
Folks like yourself have done an excellent job at dismantling the evolution myth. I expect to see it crumble in the near future....Glory to God in the Highest!!
Congratulations on composing a wonderfully useful and informative web page.
I love your site, you have gone to great lengths to explain and enlighten.
Great Job! Now, when I get hoarse from trying to explain the argument I just refer people to your site for understanding.
I was most impressed with your web site and thought that the arguments you presented were most thought provoking and particularly insightful, especially the concept that nature/ a higher intelligence might be trying to communicate with us through a number sequence inherent in nature.
Great site! I look forward to exploring it more.
have not had time until now to see all your site, but today I have
completed it and I'll say just one word : ASTONISHING!!!
Your web site is very clear and easy to understand. It makes our heads bow, and our knees bend for the marvelous architectural project hidden in nature.
This is awesome.
Thanks guys for a brilliant site! There is soo much to learn! Its too muchI am fascinated by the application of PHI.  It could make up whole University courses!  Why isn't it?? Forget "Science."  We should be studying Creation and using it as the blueprint for all our designs, endeavors etc...
I want to congratulate you for your job. And I want to say that, I am a Muslim, from Turkey.  I think that, whether Christ or not, our common enemy is "ATHEISM".
Thanks for your site!  It's wonderful to read and good information throughout.  For most of my life, I was an evolutionist, and for quite some time I was an atheist as well. But then, at the age of 27, the Lord graciously saved me. That was 6 years ago, and it's been a wonderful learning experience since then. He truly brings enlightenment to the mind!  Thank you for your clear thought and diligent work! God bless you abundantly!
I'm just writing to tell you what a great site that you have.  I am a high school student and I had to do a biology report on evolution and the information on your site had been a great help in doing this.  Thank you for your information that has helped me prove to myself and others that God is the true creator. Keep up the good work!!! :)
WOW!  What a thought provoking witness to our great Designer and King.  May He work through this site to take the blinders off so many who are caught in the greatest lie of all time.  Great Job!
Great site! Good job being fair and presenting the evidence (and lack there of) of a debate that has been coming extremely one sided.
Hi, I am right now converting to Catholicism, and I must say I found added strength as I read your thoughts on science.
This site is INCREDIBLE!  You have opened up my eyes to wonders I have never known.  I am a Christian and believe God's Creation and you have helped me realize the majesty of His works.  This is not an accident or some random sequences of events over millions of years, but a careful creation by the Master Mathematician and Lord of the Universe! Thank you so much for your work and may God Bless you in all you do.
Sure found your extensive website an inspiration.  I, too, have done much reading on the Evolution vs. Creationism argument, and have (like C.S. Lewis) decided to go with God!  :-)  
This is a wonderful website on a subject I have been researching and reading about for a long time. I truly feel that this web site is inspired, an epiphany! Thank you for reinforcing and edifying a scientific Christians' belief in creationism.
You have a really wonderful website.  I spent a good couple hours today checking it out.
Evolutionist believe they originated from some blue green algae, (scum) on the bottom of the sea.    We need to keep encouraging them by telling them that they're not the scum they think they are.... :-))))))))
Simply congratulations.  Your site is awesome!! A great and didactic work.  I used it for education purposes on orthodontics and my pupils were very happy in understanding the beauty.
I want to thank you for running this site because there are so many people out there who don't know the truth.  If we don't reach out to people, then who will? By using your Internet abilities, you are reaching hundreds or even thousands of people. I congratulate you once again and hope that you will keep up the good work.
Not bad...not bad at all.  I am doing some research on the evidence of the design of creation. I found your site. I like the fact that you said that you are unimportant.  Thank you so much.  It's good to know that I don't stand alone in my conviction that God alone is worthy of praise.
You had me intrigued at the beginning when I first visited your site.  It was nice to see that other people in Christian circles today are able to think outside the box, especially the one they've put God in.  This is an absolutely fantastic site. Very professionally done, and to your credit.  God Bless you.
Congratulations on a well thought out and interesting web site.  I found much of the information you gathered very thought provoking and useful.  I think God will use it to reach many people about His wonderful plan of salvation.  God Bless (and keep up the good work).
Just want to say that I love my Lord Jesus Christ and I pray that I could shine His Glory here on earth. This web site is great, thank you.  "I rejoice in your word like one who finds a great treasure." (Psalm 119:162)
I have quite enjoyed your site.  Personally, I am disgusted with the lack of honestly seeking the truth in our institutions of education and games of politics played with students minds when it comes to giving both sides of the coin. (They only give one!) A field that calls itself science based on SO MUCH "theory" and ignores the pure power and beauty of human existence calling it chance is beyond me.  Even my soon-to-be field of physics, one of the most basic of sciences, leaves me wondering if some of the new theories were expounded upon in haste.  Just recently astronomers have seen that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, bringing into question the big bang.  Great Site.
Your demonstrations and research are sometimes beyond my understanding, but the areas that I do understand, I am encouraged and enlightened as I read. Never have I found such an exhaustive discourse on the relations of science and our faith.  I am encouraged!  May God continue to Bless you and your ministry.
I was reading one of your series of letters where you and the writer were discussing one question along the lines of "why would I even want to live forever?  What's so exciting about years and years and years in eternity?" I wanted to propose the idea that when you are in the presence of an infinite Being, there will never be boredom, because the depths of that infinity will never ever be reached. This thought on the infinity of God goes along with the idea of Christian Hedonism--I seek my pleasure in the One Being who will ALWAYS satisfy because of the quality of infinite.
What a fantastic site!  This is a wonderful and extensive resource, for facts and evocative questions. Thank you for your hard work.
Thanks for giving these great facts in an non-offensive way.
I am not Christian at all, but I really enjoyed the information available on your site, particularly about phi. I don't believe that Jesus died for our sins or that there is a heaven or hell, but i definitely believe that evolution was divinely inspired. What makes ANY natural process happen? It has to be intelligence. Duh. 
This is one of the best sites I have ever been on, on the net.  You made a lot of points that i have never thought of before, and now i have a lot to think about and a lot to tell my friends.  I hope you expand on the site.  I really think it is really great =)  Keep it up!
Hello all.  I am pleased that you have taken the time to post a site in this nature. I am in the middle of a report on Relative Truth vs. Absolute Truth, and your site has been very helpful.
I am a Christian. I was raised as a Christian. I have always felt that I should have REAL reasons to believe in God. I feel that I should not believe just because I was raised to believe.  Because of these questions, I have searched many areas of the scientific and spiritual world for answers. I have read many Christian authors who claimed to have compelling reasons to believe in God and many non-Christian authors who claimed the opposite. I have read many books on the laws and patterns in nature. I have spent far too many hours watching things like the 'Discovery Channel'.  Nowhere have I ever seen such a lucid, fact filled argument for the existence of God.  This is the type of information I have been searching for. I know several others who will be very happy when they go through your site.  Keep up the excellent work.
Thank you, thank you so much for creating this site (Snapshots of God)! You don't know how much it has helped me understand the Truth. I got sucked into a creationism vs. evolutionism debate, and the worldly scientific views were convincing, and I was actually beginning to doubt the Truth.   Thanks a million, and God bless you!
Pretty cool site, people.  Good to see some real effort put into presenting the "alternative" view on things to a world that needs to hear it.
Keep it up.  It's such a great encouragement to see the fact of divine creation put up for show against the lie that is evolution, especially coming from a reformed evolutionist.  I just wish that all the evolutionists that read your site could push aside their nearsightedness and hear the message that God is saying through your page.  Your info on the Fibonacci series just blew my mind. God bless you.
I would just like to say great thanks for your website, and may it continue to grow.
I happened upon your site today, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am a Civil Engineering student. You've expressed on your site the views I've had for some time on the correlation between science and creation.  Your site provoked some new thoughts in me.
This is a real swell website. All evolutionists should read this. God sure is real cool. Wish these evolutionists will know God's Grace one day. Great Job Done!
I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is da bomb!!  Keep up the GREAT, positive work.
Thank you for such interesting and thought-provoking reading.
Thank you for your website. It is a wonderful treatise on religion/science dialogue.  I am sure it has provoked and encouraged alike. No matter what, it is good to think.
This is positively the most fascinating site on this topic I have encountered.  I was getting so tired of the macro-evolution vs. Genesis debate. Both schools of thought seemed pretty unreasonable to me. I thank you for providing the most provocative, stimulating and entertaining website I have found on the subject. I truly cannot express enough how grateful I am to you for providing this information. Keep up the good work!!
I would like to congratulate you for your work on evolution of truth.
Keep up the good work.
You are a very talented and wise artist.  Thanks for taking the time to share the evolution of truth. God bless!
I would like to say this is the best site on the topic of evolution vs. creation I have ever seen. I like your views and spend hours reading this site. I am recently in an archeology class and have previously taken an anthropology class.  No evidence I have seen in either class has been as concise and eye opening as the facts shown on this site. I will try to pick this site apart as much as possible and try to disprove as much as my knowledge will allow.  I expect not to be able to but that is the best way to learn.  (Note:  I encourage everyone to challenge what they are taught from BOTH sides of this issue, as that is how our understanding of the truth evolves.)
I think you could and should publish a book with the web material in it. That would be a great book.  Keep up the great work!
I'd like to thank you for your site.  I enjoyed it because you understand the supposed facts that some scientists propose and refute them with grace and intelligence.  It's wonderful and uplifting.
I am really enjoying your website. You've done a marvelous job. I am
teaching a class at church and I give a lesson on the golden section to show one way that the Lord displays His Glory .  I am excited to see so much fantastic material to share with my class about the golden section from your site. Thank you so much for all your work. 
I was watching one of those PBS programs which so "factually" state the Evolutionary Theory.  I truly worry about my children in regards to what they are taught in school and see on TV in programs such as this stating their view as being "matter of fact".  I believe man's biggest mistake is to even start to think that he has a COMPLETE understanding of anything in regards to science.  Thanks so much for your time and effort to put forth the Christian view in regard to Evolution.
You have made a very informative and helpful site here.  You do a great job of showing that science and God are not against each other, but support each other, and you also do a good job at revealing the myths surrounding evolution.  I just wanted to congratulate you on this site and let you know to keep up the good work.
Beautiful work!!!  I'm working with the evangelization of young adults here in Guatemala, Central America.  I found in your homepage a great inspiration and the best way to prove them that evolution and creation do not fight each other.  Thanks and God Bless You.
Your site is really beautiful with great graphics and nice ideas.  I believe you're looking at the situation wrong.  Evolution attempts to explain HOW God created the Earth, humans, life, NOT to explain if He did or not.  Note: If this were true both sides would grow in their understandings, but evolution attempts to explain life as a natural phenomena with no need for God.
I want to tell you that your web site is wonderful.
I have been to your site several times and each time I see something that I didn't see before. You do have an impressive site.
Your openness and humility is a refreshing change from creationists and evolutionist who think they've "got it figured it all out."  More and more I can see what "Dr. Matrix" sees in you and your site.  Kudos and again kudos.
I really enjoyed the site.  It's laid out beautifully, and it's very informative. I think it describes a lot of the problems in today's society, not just in scientific theory or evolutionary theory. There are so many things we could learn if we put scientific effort into the supernatural, but evolution and current science are too afraid to plunge the depths of the unknown in DNA and in the experience of existence/consciousness.
Your use of logic, evidence (and evolution's lack of), and feeling is very commendable and refreshing.
I thoroughly enjoyed your evolution of truth site.  It is very well done, enjoys excellent unity, and appears relatively well organized and researched. Your appreciation for a fusion between physics, mathematics, and observed reality is commendable.
Reality is a multi-leveled thing, with Spirit and matter interrelated. The pity is that in our era, a lot of materialistic science entirely cuts out Spirit, will, and consciousness, so its view of things is very limited.
Congratulations on a great website, demonstrating so clearly the workings of the wonderful Golden Section in nature, art, the solar system and so on!  The Golden Section has inspired me ever since I first came across it, and your site told me things about it that I didn't know before.
This is one of the finest and best developed sites I have seen today on this subject.  Of all the sites I have seen yours is probably the most beautiful as well. The colors are stunning and well balanced. I love the two doors with the earth that you use as the link. Of course what set your site apart is the excellent content.  May the Lord richly bless you.
Excellent, excellent, excellent.  I read just about everything in your site, and have taken about five pages of notes. My biology teacher never speaks of the faults in evolution. 
If a 19-year-old purple-haired girl with an unexplainable desire for GOD has anything to say about this web site, it would have to be "WHOA". (It is so interesting.)
Awesome - I'll share this site with many.
You have an excellent site.  Keep up the good work!
I enjoyed your site very much. I'm recommending it to all my friends.
It pleases me every time I find a good approach to the issue of "creation / evolution". A commendable work you have done. You have used your gift the way God intended to I think. I pray that you will inspire many persons that not yet have had their eyes opened. 
Thanks for your wonderful presentation on the creation/evolution debate! Your web site is attractive, engaging and informative without being pedantic or antagonistic to those who have been indoctrinated with evolutionary theory.
Your links provide a wide range of resources for those lucky enough to find your site.  God Bless.
I really enjoyed your Web site. You have a lot of excellent information for believers.
I'm fascinated by the beauty of your site.
Your crisp logic creates a song of joy in my heart with all the harmonies. But it is a glorious march of reason too and the evolution "science" / nonsense is beaten flat dead before it.  I greatly appreciate the gift you received from the ultimate DESIGNER/ACHIEVER in the ability to elegantly organize the facts of mental power.  No escape for evolutionary confusion. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.
I enjoyed your page because you did not push your ideas on the reader.  You allowed them to make a decision for themselves, unlike other sites that push their idea as the only right idea.
Wow! You made a lot of good points.
I just visited your site and got some great info for a research paper.  Your page was awesome.
You have a most knowledgeable site.
I think that this is an awesome site to approach the TRUTH on an intellectual level. I am going to tell folks about the site.  I am sure it is a great witness to those who need some deep explanations.  Keep up the great work!
Great web site.
Your Evolution of Truth page is one of the most reasonable, well thought out pages dealing with Creation / Religion vs. Evolution that I have seen so far. I thought it had been " done to death ", but your approach seems fresh !!
This is a very helpful site for those trying to grasp the flaws in evolution.
Excellent site, very well presented. Both the content AND your attitude/style are great on this crucial subject.
Greatly enjoyed your web-site! Will let others know of this colorful, informative site. Loved the many thought-provoking sections. May God bless you as you continue to spread his word and teach others of nature's golden ratio.
Wonderful site...very interesting!  Keep up the good work.  I enjoy math and the "The Divine Proportion" is very thought provoking, even religious.  I have bookmarked your page and you can be sure I will visit again soon! Thanks!
Totally Awesome Site!!!! I am 17yrs. old and am a senior in a public high school. The truth that God created the earth and everything in it is not usually mentioned in my school. If the teachers mention creation it is only to put it down. I have often defended my beliefs but could only back it up with the Bible. The only way Creationism can be brought up in my school is if a student brings it up. I am preparing for a discussion on evolution and God brought me to this site. It has been a great help. Most other sites only address evolution or creationism. I feel that by addressing the theory of evolution and truth of creationism you have well equipped me to present the truth efficiently and effectively and God will do the rest. Thank you so much and keep "Pressing On"!
I just wanted to say that this website is incredible, informative, and such a blessing! I not only have more information for myself but now I can explain to my kids (with facts) that we are not accidents.  It was hard for me to explain to them that God is the Creator of life when they are taught that we "evolved".  I hope you have a blessed day!
What an awesome website!!!  You've succeeded in showing the folly of "evolution" compared to the wonder of God's creation.  Anyone who's intellectually honest will wind up clicking on the "SEEK THE TRUTH" icon on the last page.
Great site! I'm trying to get the theory of gravity outlawed from my son's science class. I can't see it or touch it - only God keeps us attached to the earth!!  (Note:  See the problem here?  Even those who see themselves as scientific and rational are willing to equate gravity, which is constant, observable and measurable, to life originating from nothing, which has never been observed, is highly improbable and inconsistent with much of what we observe in the universe about us.)
Love your site.  Thank you very much!!  Will tell everyone I know to visit your site.
The information you present does my heart and soul so much good. Of course, I am not that difficult to sway to your side (the truth, as far as I can determine). I do thank God for you and your dedication and hard work and I pray for you that many may be drawn to God and Jesus through your gentle, but powerful witness.
This is a seriously heavy site. There are some extremely good points on this page.  The table idea is good.  (Been There, Unnatural Selection, Common Beliefs)
Thank you for this remarkable web site.  I'll definitely want to link to it when I get mine online.
Thanks very much. This was very helpful. My AP class is using a book that has a heavy focus on evolution and even says, "Evolution is the core theme of biology." The end of most chapters ties the chapter in with evolution. The theory is taught strictly as fact and furthermore, it is stated that life does not come from and is not controlled supernaturally. If you have time please include something on whether what has been created is evolving. That's the only topic where I don't have any ground to stand on. God bless you.
PRAISE GOD for this site. You are accomplishing the great commission in a way that will touch thousands. I am a U.S. Air Force officer, with a beautiful family and blessed nearly beyond my comprehension...and absolutely humble before God. His love for us is the most powerful force in the universe. Praise the Lord, thanks be to God!!!
Absolutely great site! Thank you for your hard work in developing such attractive and easily digestible web pages on the creation/evolution issue.
I found your web site informative and impressive. I think that you give a very balanced and accurate approach to the argument between evolution and creation. May God bless you in all your endeavors.
I certainly enjoyed your web site. You've expressed quite well similar thoughts that I've had over the years.
I really enjoy this web site.
Just followed your link from Dr. Matrix's site, and was quite surprised to find such an informative and thought-provoking web site as yours, instead of the usual disingenuous dogmatic clap-trap dished out by most Creationists.
I've visited your Web Site and I think is great.  I had never heard all the interesting things you presented.  I want all my friends to read it.   It's really excited to know that science is showing the reality of creation and the glory of God.
I really appreciate your knowledge in evolution and your faith in God. May God work even more in your life.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this issue. Very well done!  I've always thought that both sides of this debate had its merits, and the reality of all of this may be a combination of the two sides.
I liked your way at getting at the truth.
I am still enjoying your web page and telling lots of people about it. I really believe that you are reaching people for God. I, for one, appreciate the effort that you have put into it and I will always be grateful to you for having it there when I needed it.
I LOVE your site. I am going to use this with our youth group. We have been debating evolution vs. creation and this is the best site I have come across that will appeal to both sides of the coin.  I Praise God you were obedient to Him.
This site is AWESOME! May the good Lord continue to bless you and this wonderful tool.
Your Web site, "The Evolution of Truth," is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science." "The Evolution of Truth" is also being honored with prominent display as a select site with the categories: Skeptical Inquiry, Culture & Philosophy, Exploration and Reference.

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Great!!!  Keep up the good work.
I found your site amazing. I have been searching for so long, in prayer, in books, and on the net, and have never found anything quite like your site.  I love math and science, so your explanations really opened up a new way of looking at things for me. Thank you so much.
I LOVED your web site!
Thanks for the great web site. I spent some time looking around and found it very interesting and truthful.  Keep up the good work! God bless!
Great site. I've always wondered how those closest to seeing God's work (scientists) could blatantly ignore his signs and blindly follow their predecessors in a faith akin to ancestor worship.
Keep up the good work. Your data is excellent for proving to new Christians and seekers that there is a loving creator in the universe.
I find your representation of current findings somewhat misleading.   Are you trying to maintain a partial view by limiting the evolutionary finds to those that have been proven false?  If all of the other finds are hoaxes as well, why not include them to make your view more credible? If it is the truth that sets us free then why not include all that has been found to be true?   (Author's note:  This writer used a phony e-mail address, so I could get no further information on examples of evolutionary evidence "found to be true."   Are there any that don't involve interpretation and conjecture?  Even if some evidence appears credible, the discipline of science still demands explanations for evidence and logic that supports  contradictory conclusions.)
Your pages are great.
I really liked your web site.  It made me think a lot.
Great job.  Your approach and conciseness is refreshing.  Will share with youth pastoral staff.  I appreciate the truth of your statements on how our society as taken "Theory" and made it Truth!  You do a nice job repositioning our thinking.
Just had to take the time and thank you for your great work on this web site. It is an easy to follow, systematic, logical positioning of the "Truth".
Nice site! Graphics, presentation, content.
I love this web page. I didn't know there was that much information against the theory of evolution. God and Jesus Christ are the real deal. Thanks for making this excellent page. May God Bless You a Bunch.
Thanks! And I mean a big THANKS!!! May God Bless.
Thank you for a very interesting & informative web site. I hope many people will visit and be informed and equipped with such detail that will assist them to see truth around them.  May your work & life prosper.
I really really really like your home page.  As a science student and a Christian, I had a non-believer as a teacher and he kept asking me disturbing questions regarding creation and evolution and also about cloning, aliens etc...  Thank God that I found your web site, it really answered a lot of my questions.  Thank you, too!!
Bless you for putting up this web site. I am a fellow Christian and it's so awesome to realize God's design in us and in the universe.  I used to have trouble reconciling creation with Christianity as opposed to evolution. I'm glad that others who are going through what I struggled with initially can find the answers through web sites like yours. Thank you for your insights & testimony.  Praise God!!!
Thanks for sharing your testimony with me. I pray your evangelism efforts are blessed by the Holy Spirit as I also pray for you.
Just a short note to encourage you brother. Having used a computer for the first time three weeks ago I have struggled to find something worthwhile on the www.   Your web site is truly informative and enlightening.
I really enjoyed your page.  I thank God.  It was very good for my Sunday School report. God Bless!
I'm 14 and just recently I was approached by an atheist. He really made me think twice about God and frightened me. He's into the theory of evolution and all that stuff. I found your page very comforting and reassuring to say the least. It has significantly cut down on the research that I was planning to do plus has strengthened my belief in God and made me a better Christian.  Thanks again for the GREAT GREAT page.
God is faithful. Your site is an answered prayer. I have an 18 year old son who is really struggling right now as a result of public school education.  We got on the subject of evolution yesterday.  Your site gives me comfort knowing that there is information out there that will attract our youth to the Truth. I really enjoyed the presentation of the material.
VERY NICELY DONE!!! I like the Creator with design theme. Try reading "Buried Alive : The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man" by Jack Cuozzo. You'll see more design!!
I loved your site, and am impressed that you apparently aren't looking for fame or fortune in this venture.  I didn't see any blatant advertising, and the reader really isn't given much clue as to who you are.  Did I miss it, or did you give a bio anywhere (other than the paragraphs about what occurred to you in 1993)? Evolution of Truth is like an anonymous gift to me. I really appreciate its availability, and want you to know that.  Usually the recipient of a selfless gift can't thank the donor, but in this case, I can.  Thanks.
What a wonderful site! You (whoever that may be) have done an excellent job in presenting the truth and I have enjoyed searching through this site. I just hope and pray that those who have not found Jesus Christ as their Savior and/or those who believe in evolution without questioning its ideas will also discover this site.
This web page helped me a lot this past week. I have always believed in creation because I was taught to believe in it.  If I would ever have any little doubts I would always talk to my older Christian friends and they would straighten things out. But, earlier this week, my psychology class watched a movie on evolution and it seemed to make so much sense that it had put some doubts in my mind. So, thank you for putting no doubt in my mind that we have been created by God, and have not evolved.
I just finished checking out your site and I think it's great. I'm a born again believer and find this site to be a great outreach tool for people who have Internet. I continue to challenge people to go through it and try to tell me that they aren't at least interested in finding out more about their creation.  I look forward to putting your site to more of God's work. God Bless Friend.
This is an awesome web page.
I love your site. I'm a 17 year-old HS student, and one of our youth group sponsors recently has been covering what this web-site is doing. I really find all this information truly intriguing and despite being a Christian, partially believed in Evolution beforehand (I'm a science type, so I grew up with evolution). Thank you.
I cannot congratulate you for deciding on your beliefs and then trying to prove them instead of simply looking for the truth.  (Note:   That's not what happened, as I was once an agnostic who believed in evolution.   Click HERE for details.)  Novels can and have been written on the inaccuracy of the type of information  and logic used in your page.  (Note: There has indeed been a lot WRITTEN to contradict some of my points, just about as much as has been written to counter the information and logic used to support evolution.  I'm still waiting for someone to present me with scientific EVIDENCE and not just conjecture or rationalization as to how life "could" have happened by itself through evolution.)  For example, if no new information is created (and info is lost, extinction) then biodiversity must be on a steady decline, which does not seem to agree with the fossil record.  (Note:  Isn't extinction evidence in itself?)   What about carbon dating, it seems to disprove both the biblical age of the world and the idea that all life forms existed at the same time (e.g.,  the oldest people are dated way after the most recent dinosaur).  (Note:  There are different interpretations of biblical ages.  My site takes no stand any of these dating issues, but just offers observable examples of design and reasonable concerns with evolution theory.)  Speaking of dinosaurs, don't you think a four story animal would at least be mentioned in the bible along with fish, horses and the like.  (Note:  Take a look at Job 40:15-19.  Could be?)  I'll make you a deal, I'll read the bible cover to cover if you read The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins(Note:  I offered to accept the reading deal and noted that we would both probably learn something, but never I heard anything back.)
Very good page, one of the best in subject! I will tell my fellow Christian friends about this site so they can have a look themselves. Very well explained and easy to understand! Many thanks.
Hope your Web site brings people to the point of questioning the validity of evolution. My view? Evolution has no validity. Creation happened.
Thank you for putting evolution into perspective.  I have been trying to write a 15 page paper on the subject of evolution vs. creation for two weeks now. My personal opinion when I started to read Charles Darwin's, "The Origin of Species.", was that it is much easier to believe that God created mankind, and all the animals, plants, etc., than to believe that everything 'just happened.' Thank you for helping me put logic into what I believe.
I think this is a *GREAT* site! I am doing a school project on creation vs. evolution and I am supporting creation. But I needed info on both. Thanks so much! I learned a lot.
Excellent site. It raises many new and exciting issues. Thanks.
I really enjoyed this web site. This site has taught me about the purpose of evolution and how it can relate to God. Thanks for your well researched and convincing web site.
Way to go!! Why anyone would believe evolution is beyond me. Thanks for giving me some solid scientific evidence. People are so blind. They refuse to believe in God, and Satan's lie (evolution) justifies their unbelief. Thanks.
Always very cynical about the information that my teenager finds on the Internet, I was most pleased to sit down and look through your amazing and informative site. Our teen is working on a Christian Web Page for teens and was really excited and inspired by what you have produced or rather what God has produced through you. Thank you and may God bless this ministry.
Thanks for such a clearly outlined argument for why Darwinism is false! I was looking around the web for such an argument to bring up in a graduate seminar on life span development (in which Ethological theory is being taught); as a Christian, I believe in Divine design, but until this point I didn't have a clue as to how to articulate clear arguments for the impossibility of Darwinism. So, thanks!
What evidence do we have against evolution? (Author's note:  The briefest answer I can offer is that the probability of it being true, of everything in the universe coming together to form life on its own, seems to be about one chance in 10 to the 40,000th power, as estimated by astrophysicist and agnostic Fred Hoyle. Now of course there is still always that ONE chance, but how much would you want to bet with those odds? Perhaps another way to look at it is "what about evolution do you know WITH CERTAINTY to be true? Is there any observable, repeatable scientific evidence that demonstrates natural processes turning inanimate matter into sentient creatures?")
Your belief and understanding of the theories are commendable.
You have a really incredible ministry here. I always admire people who have done research on the theory of evolution and proving it false through such things as cells needing each of its parts to survive. Also, the part about the creatures needing eyes to see light but not having eyes is very interesting. Do you have any information on New Age evangelism, that is people believing that there is not only one way to God?
Awesome web page!!!!!!
Personally, I've found that the question of whether or not evolution has occurred is answered when God said," Let there be light." And there was light. He made man from the dust of the earth. It is not recorded that God pulled a monkey from a tree and told him to gradually become a man. The whole theory of evolution is a farce and an insult to the integrity of a wise Creator. If such evolution took place, why are there no signs of evolution continuing? I think that people have become afraid of the "Solid Truth", and that is that THERE IS A GOD.  (Author's note:  The truth is indeed "solid" and unchanging, but our understanding, or acceptance, of the truth is ever evolving.)

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