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June 1, 1999

How often will you find a Creationist Web site among skeptical pages? Not very often, to be sure: this is the first instance and will likely be the last. The problem isn't in a clash of belief systems; although mysticism and superstition are distasteful to me on intellectual grounds, I'm also willing to hear any clever arguments honestly presented. Just because there's no proof of a thing doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that it's not a meaningful question, at best, and intellectual betrayal, at worst, unless it can be shown relevant and tested. More sacred to me than any higher being is rational thought and constructive reasoning.

What makes The Evolution of Truth exceptional among Creationist Web sites is that it makes a serious and (mostly) studied attempt at extracting proof of a creator from logical bases. Much effort was put into the site - it is visually stunning and exceptionally clever.

The centerpiece argument for a god or gods is how pervasively a geometrical relationship called the Golden Ratio is found in nature. (You'll recall the Ratio as being the value of 'n' in the equation 1/n=n-1.) Although sometimes stretching things a bit by expressing awe at some properties of this ratio which may require a bit of exploration but are natural consequences of the geometry, this discussion is compelling, clear and provocative. While not siding with the premise of the site's author, I admire the creative presentation of Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio and would not hesitate to send a student here. There's lots of material for a pleasant afternoon of mathematical play, as well as for launching some serious study.

Those who face the prospect of debating creationist viewpoints will also find The Evolution of Truth to be a good place to visit for preparation. This site's author brings his full faculties to bear as a smart Creationist.

What I found less enjoyable, but most relevant to general debate, was the page titled "Problems with Evolution: What The Textbooks Never Told Us." Some statements about what "the textbooks" say are misleading ("Life is the result of chance"), some are ill-informed ("Miller and Urey created life in a test tube in the 1960's"), some suppose scientific doctrines which are, in fact, nonexistent ("Darwin's findings proved evolution"), some are disingenuous ("The fossil record shows a "tree of life," the gradual change from early life to modern man") and, sadly, some are pulled from the air ("Evolution, as an explanation for the origin of life, is a scientific fact"). Any text book containing such statements would be a textbook in name only, diverging so far from mainstream thought that any educational board selecting it would be laughed out of academia. I was saddened to encounter so many straw men on such an otherwise excellent site.

(Author's Note:  In my response to Dr. Matrix, I said:

"I do think that most of my "straw man" statements are accepted as fact by many people. Where I fell short of the truth was in attributing them to textbooks rather than just to common lore and beliefs about evolution."

As my site notes, our understanding of the truth is constantly evolving.   Accordingly, I changed my approach on this page to make it accurate and truthful and provided some references to Dr. Matrix to Internet sites in which such statements are made, for example:

From Access Excellence - A Place in Cyberspace for Biology Teaching and Learning at http://www716.bonsai.com/WN/SUA08/mars896.html:

"It makes it very promising there may be life in other solar systems. What it really does show is the formation of life on a planet can take place rather easily,'' noted biochemist Stanley Miller at the University of California at San Diego. Miller, who specializes in the study of the origins of life is most well known for his 'creation of life in the test tube' experiments.")

But you be the judge. Overall, I feel that The Evolution of Truth deserves to be awarded for largely exceptional discourse directed toward what we all seek - deeper understanding of our world.

- Dr. Matrix

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