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The Evolution of the Eye

The evolution of the eye, described by Darwin as an "organ of extreme perfection," is a subject of great controversy.  Perhaps Dilbert has finally solved this riddle for us...

The evolution of the eye

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Punctuated equilibrium - Humor where none was intended?  Here's a definition:

"The theory of Punctuated Equilibria provides paleontologists with an explanation for the patterns which they find in the fossil record. This pattern includes the characteristically abrupt appearance of new species, the relative stability of morphology in widespread species, the distribution of transitional fossils when those are found, the apparent differences in morphology between ancestral and daughter species, and the pattern of extinction of species."

In other words, we really don't have sufficient evidence to support Darwin's concept of gradualistic evolution, so we have to assume that new species just appeared, even though this assumption is based the absence of evidence.  Is this truly scientific or have we just given the problem a fancy name and called it science when it's really conjecture and faith.

Ask those who advance this theory for hard evidence of this happening and what new features have been observed in current evolution that truly explain differences large enough to account for entirely new species.

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