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A heads up approach! 

Letter received

My response

You are seriously deluded dude. Your mathematical "proof" depends entirely upon your overly simplistic assumptions based on your cheesy misinterpretations and misapplication of current knowledge. Please review the following publication: Exploring Your Own Colon--A Heads-up Approach. 

Get back on your meds--go back to school dude--get an education so's you know what 'yer talkin' 'bout.

 Well, I guess this makes me the "butt" of your jokes, so to speak. Even so, I have to admit that I found "Exploring Your Own Colon--A Heads-up Approach" to be pretty funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Maybe my approach to getting people to consider Intelligent Design wasn't your cup of tea, but it has drawn favorable response from believers and non-believers alike. I never intended it to be a "proof," but just a series of observations and questions to ponder. The only proof for any of us is a personal experience that we know in our heart to be the touch of God in our lives. That didn't happen to me until I was 38.  Before then I was an agnostic.

The goal of my site is to get people to think on their own, beyond what they've blindly accepted as fact, and to openly and sincerely explore BOTH sides of this issue. You may consider me deluded, but do we really have all the evidence we need to conclude that evolution is an explanation for the origin of life? Does change in LIVING organisms really explain life itself forming from INANIMATE matter or the existence of a universe that seems finely tuned to support life? Can you explain how the first cell, with its dozens of interdependent systems, came into being? I'd like to hear something that's more than just conjecture formulated to support a nontheistic belief system.

If you can point to any specific inaccuracies in my site, supporting your position with sound reason and evidence, I'll be happy to make corrections. You might also want to take a look at another site I've done that takes a completely different approach to this topic at" Snapshots of God."

Best regards,

Gary at evolutionoftruth.com

BTW: You can get some of what I'm "smoking" in the words of the one person who changed the history of mankind more than anyone before or after him. It's pretty good stuff.


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