Theism causes war?

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Does theism really cause war?

Letter received

My response

"Perhaps one day we'll see every experience of mankind as being natural, from miracle healings to the life giving spirit of God, our Creator.

Perhaps one day we'll see everything as supernatural, realizing that nothing is "natural," but that every physical law that allows life to exist has been put in place, and is maintained, by our Creator."

And not to forget, perhaps one day we'll be thrown back into the dark ages because just another person with just another interpretation forces it's will to anyone else. We'll get a situation where open minded people who dare to question your believes are put to death on charge of High Treason Against The Almighty Creator Who We Should Worship.

I am in and out an atheist. I also have to admit that your page has a FEW elements that caught my attention. But to make it short, the 'theory' you've come up with is just as unlikely as you portrait evolution to be. Practically every argument against evolution can also be inverted to argue against Devine theories. 


You're quite right. Putting anyone to death for not believing in God would be a tragic, heinous act. I never suggested, however, that one believe in mankind's self-righteous perversions done in the name of religion. I only suggest that we look to a far higher Being whose nature, intelligence and purpose goes far, far beyond mankind's. You can paint a picture that belief in God is the cause of dark age atrocities, but then how do you explain that in the last century we witnessed far greater atrocities yet committed by those who made atheism and evolution-based supremacy the foundation for their belief systems and governments. When you look at Nazi Germany or Communist Russia and China, can you conclude that godless societies yield a higher level of civilization than those based on theism?

The truth is that crimes committed against humanity, whether in the name of theism or atheism, only demonstrate a poverty in the human condition that is founded in self-centeredness, hypocrisy, pride, judgmentalism, hate and greed, all of which are in complete contradiction to the ways taught by God in the scripture of any religion. I understand your objection to organized religion and any injustices committed in its name, but organized religion is an institution of man which in many cases bears little resemblance to the God revealed to us in prayer and scripture. To better understand what I mean by this, feel free to take a look at my site called
"Snapshots of God."

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