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Galileo's dead, and it's MY fault!

Letter received

My response

I find your web page very interesting. Like so many pages on the web it is motivated by personal motive. Of course this is not a bad thing in itself but the slow and mathictical steps that it takes you through have a very profound affect on the developing psyche, through the use of a method known as false logic. To understand the concept of false logic I recommend you read "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.  You see, I understand evolution to the extent that science has developed up to now. But most of your readers do not. So the up shot of all this is that some may not be able to identify your logic faults. Many of the statements made by your page are perversions of the perceptions that are held in the current scientific paradigm. I will only use one example to save time. But please remember that your web page is full of these miss-interpretations of science.

We're taught that life is the result of chance and natural adaptation, but is this the truth, or is it just a "fact" that suits our limited understanding of life?

If evolution occurred, is it really the source of life's creation or is it God's process of creation?

Is there any scientific evidence or basis in reason which proves that DNA is a result of chance rather than a creation of the Divine?

Could evolution be little more than a myth for the 20th century?

The purpose of this statement and following statements is to lead the reader to the conclusion that evolution is not true. Look, we know that paradigms shift! We become more informed as this happens.

On your web page you claim that the fractal formation of mater proves that life did not evolve but was instead created by the all mighty. The patterns that you claim are this divine language are found through out the universe. What an old and worn out argument using false logic. Order implies a possibility of a designer but does not prove a thing. We all want so bad to believe that we will live forever that anything that might disturb our fragile belief system becomes dangerous or at worst heresy.

We know (using something called the scientific method, look it up) that the population of a species with a certain mutation that benefits it in its given environment is more likely to reproduce and therefore pass on this genetic information to the next generation. This increases the population of a given species of life forms with that mutation. This slow process is what creates the diversity we see on earth. This is well understood. New life forms are being created every second. Yet your web page claims the contrary.

So next time you grab for your anti bacterial soap to wash that strep off your hands, just remember that . . . There might be one mutated / resistant bacteria in the bunch. It will survive and reproduce on your hands, perhaps enough to give you a very dangerous form of strep that will be your doom. Ain't evolution grand?

I don't know if there is a loving god watching over us. But I do know, your misinformation campaign is a subversive attempt to steer people back to religions like Christianity. 

Here are some FACTS about Christianity that I am sure you already know but just didn't truly think about (Or maybe you did). 

The church needs money to continue, this means new converts are needed. The church decreed that the earth was the center of the universe. The church decreed the church was the center of the earth. An astronomer claimed he saw moons orbiting around another planet and not around the earth showing that the earth was not the center. They locked him up to shut him up until he died. 

How do you feel about that? A human life, Genius, gone. Look it up, it is in the history books.

Your page is nothing more than an attempt to continue the churches age old efforts of keeping the people in the dark ages for profit/power/ego. Our knowledge is ever growing. We may find that there is a God(I hope so). But if this god were to see your distortion of our understanding for the purposes of profit/power/ego, I think it would be most displeased. 

Well who are you then, hmmm? What corporate church do you represent?  When John the Baptist was sacrificing lambs at the Temple, do you think he wondered if two thousand years later they would call animal sacrifice Satanic? The Lamb of God, Your Christ, is nothing but an evolved form of this "Satanic" ritual. To better understand this please read your "Holy Bible" by Lots of Men. My how truth has evolved. 

To better understand yourself in relationship to what you call TRUTH, I would recommend that you read the book "Origin and Evolution of Religion" by E.Washburn Hopkins, Ph.D., LL.D. Published by the Yale University Press. 1923

I would challenge you to post this letter on your web page. Let us see how your readers would be affected by this kind of information. Perspective is nine tenths of reality.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my site. I'm quite happy to make changes to the site on anything that is incorrect, and have done so in the past. What I ask though is that any new information be backed with solid reason and scientific evidence, not just conjecture, interpretations or rationalizations developed to support a particular belief system.

It's difficult receiving a letter like yours. You talk down to me, smugly implying that all I need do is read a few books that you have read and think things through like you have. You are judgmental about my motives when you don't even know who I am. What's difficult about this is that the natural human reaction is to lash back but I'm hoping instead for my site to be a catalyst to opening discussion and seeking answers with a humility for how little we really understand about life. I want to come to a higher level of understanding between us, and I want to do it with respect for you.

About an hour after I received your e-mail, I received one that said this:

"I'm a pastor who majored in physics in college, and worked in technology for decades before becoming a believer and later a pastor. I've seen plenty of Christian sites about science and evolution and most of them are well-intended but don't pass muster. You've done a fine job. Thank you."

This certainly doesn't mean he's right and you're wrong. It's clear that both of you are intelligent and yet you come to completely different conclusions about my site. Why is that? Isn't it too simple, perhaps even too arrogant, to assume that he, I and millions of others are backwards simpletons and that you've got all the answers? Could it be instead that we've simply experienced something that you haven't yet and that this affects the way we see things? You're quick to point out what you consider to be false logic in my site, but seem to gloss over what seems to me to be blatant false logic in making your case. You cite ONE instance where the church screwed up in its persecution of Galileo, try to make me feel guilty about it as though I support it in some way and then try to expand that to conclude that anything related to the church is founded in evil motives of profit, power and ego. You're creating your own strawman and then burning him, because nowhere in my site do I try to plead a case for the church always being right, or even the church for that matter. My site is about seeing and seeking God. Even so, you're ignoring the fact that church has been a supporter of the sciences and many important scientific discoveries through the ages were made by monks, priests and dedicated men and women of faith. How many other instances of the church persecuting science can you cite? Also, it wasn't just the church against Galileo, but many of his fellow scientists as well. Should we similarly condemn all of science for that, or even more so for the hoaxes of "science" such as Piltdown Man? You picked out one isolated example and tried to draw conclusions about the whole from it, and probably didn't even realize you were doing it. That's, OK. It's human. But why does that happen? I think it's because of this: We all easily believe that which we wish to be true. You want to believe in evolution, so you see variations in bacteria as conclusive proof of it. I have doubts that evolution accounts for all we see, so I in turn question whether this is any proof at all, since it's still a bacteria. With all this supposed bacteria "evolution" going on, I ask instead if we have observed any bacteria becoming a multi-celled organism which is on its way to forming new life functions such as leaves, roots, fins, wings, eyes, etc. In a million years do you expect these bacteria will be new orders of life such as mammals, fish or birds or, based on what you observe happening, will they just be different bacteria? I ask instead if you can even explain with evidence and reason how a single-celled bacteria came into existence, with the dozens of interdependent systems required to qualify it as "living." Can you really tell me how this happened, or have you just accepted conjecture as to how this might have happened in order to support your beliefs?

The problem I see is that our beliefs about God are a major influencing factor in how we interpret everything else around us. The pastor referenced above and I have had experiences well into our adult years that brought us, as non-believers, to a faith in God, a God with whom we now have a personal relationship. What causes that to happen? Is that in itself an evidence of God? I don't represent any corporate church, as you implied. I'm just one guy whose life was changed by something, someone, that I can only attribute to God, and I'm just hoping to help others to seek the same experience.. I'm certainly not making any profit doing this, unless you want to count about $50 of commissions I've received in the past year from Amazon from my books reference page. It costs more than that to run this site and certainly isn't compensation for all the hours that go into it. There's no power involved. Ego? I'm just humbly trying to interest others in seeking on both sides of this issue because I believe that today's "science" about evolution is filled with much of the same false logic, egos, pride and profit that you see in religion. People are people and they all have the same failings, no matter whether their Ph.D.'s are in microbiology, paleontology or theology.

All I can offer to you is that my life experience has led me to change my beliefs and I think that anyone who is honestly willing to put aside their ego and humbly seek God one-on-one will find Him. My site isn't intended to be a proof of God, for only God can prove to you that He is there. My site is just intended to open the door to that pursuit. I have another site that goes into more of my personal experiences and perspectives on this at "Snapshots of God." You are welcome to visit. I wish you the best in your search for the truth. Let me know if I can be of help.

Best regards,



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