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Thomebody mything the point?

Letter received

My response

I must compliment you on your website as I always enjoy looking for new perspectives regarding science and God.

Currently I am in a philosophy of social science course where we are studying artificial intelligence. My professor has made the comment on one of my papers that:

"If you put together the right sort of molecules the right way and let the chemical interactions take their course, you've got life! This was definitely settled with the discovery c.1950 of the molecular mechanism of cellular replication, DNA, RNA, etc."

Could you guide me to any further reading on this subject that might help me in the area of science creating life?

Thank you much, and God bless.

Curiously, I have received numerous criticisms from scientists and evolutionists for my reference to the Miller-Urey experiments of the 1950's as being commonly believed to provide evidence that life could form naturally.  Yet I see evidence again and again that this is indeed what people have been lead to believe and here is another example of it being taught within our universities almost 50 years later.

If you want to find more information on this topic, you can go to any good search engine and enter key words such as Miller-Urey, abiogenesis, Alexander I. Oparin or chemical evolution.

The real question, however, is whether you will find the truth or just a myth that has been perpetuated by those whose desire to believe that life formed on its own also requires that they rely on misinterpret and over-extrapolate the results of Miller-Urey type experiments to support their beliefs.

Before you accept this proposition, I would encourage you and your professor to take my "Pop Quiz on Evolution and the Origin of Life," read the materials referenced on the answer page and discuss the topic with open minds.  In particular, you can also see my page "Life" in a Test Tube or "Designer Genes"?

If your professor's comments also resulted in your grade being marked down, I'd petition him to review it again after looking deeper into the facts.




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