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KICS (Keep it complicated stupid)

Letter received

My response

Almost everything you have written under "the other side of common beliefs" is too simplistic. Anyone studying evolution in university doesn't believe any of it -- it still doesn't evolution as fact (that change is occuring) or as theory (by way of natural selection) of which it is both.

Still you have an impressive an convincing website...but there are many problems in your arguments. 

I do believe in G-d; and a creation of some sort but the fact of change is undeniable. Also, because possibilities are so small, does not mean they could not have arisen by chance. Also, what is chance to us may ultimately be choice by G-d.  It's very complicated and I think some of your arguments are making things too simplistic. 

With respect to your comments on my site, I agree with you that my presentation on "The Evolution of Truth" is rather simplistic. My intent is not to provide a college level textbook on the subject but rather just to challenge people's thinking enough so that they might pursue a deeper study of this issue on their own. If you notice, I generally try to use a Socratic-like method of asking questions that people must answer for themselves rather than trying to give them all the answers, many of which are not knowable with certainty anyway. I've tried hard to reduce the issues to their simplest elements and augment them with graphics to keep the site interesting and challenging for the masses. This has generated a lot of favorable comments, but clearly it won't meet the needs of everyone. You can probably find something on my links or books pages that is more to your liking.

While keeping it simple and engaging, I have also tried my best to keep it accurate and truthful. If you believe you can show problems with my arguments, I would very much like your input. I have made other changes to the site when others, or my own studies, have presented new or contradictory information. All I ask is that any counterpoints not just be your own rationalization or belief system at work, but rather that they be supported by sound logic and scientific evidence. (From what I've seen, many of the arguments in evolutionary material suffer from lack of evidence and logic, so I hope that you apply the same criteria to material that is pro-evolution as well! :-) ) You might note too that I never say that living organisms don't, or haven't, changed at all. I just make the case that there is not enough evidence and reason to conclude that life and all its variation happened without Divine intervention.

I didn't understand what you meant when you said that those studying evolution don't believe ANY of what I've included as "common beliefs."  I re-read that page. The material I listed still seems to show up in every place from the Internet to the Discover Channel to the exhibits at Epcot Center to the writings of leading evolutionist/atheists like Richard Dawkins and Stephen J. Gould. I'll confess, however, that it's been quite a few years since I was in a biology or chemistry course. What are they teaching these days that is markedly different?

Thanks for you comments that my site is "impressive and convincing website," despite your objections to some of the presentation. I appreciate your interest and objectivity.

Best regards,



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