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The Divine Proportion in Creation

"The Golden Ruler" by "The Evolution of Truth"

There are many other examples of design using the Divine Proportion.

The "Golden Ruler" - a Fibonacci Measuring Stick by "Evolution of Truth"

Below are just a few:

The eye, fins and tail all fall at golden sections of the length of a dolphin's body.

The dimensions of the dorsal fin are golden sections (yellow and green). The thickness of the dolphin's tail section corresponds to same golden section of the line from head to tail.

Divine Proportions in a Dolphin

Divine Proportions in a Moth

The eye-like markings of this moth fall at golden sections of the lines that mark its width and length.

The spiral growth of sea shells provide a simple,
but beautiful, example . . .

Divine Proportions in a Sea Shell

Look at more examples of the Divine Proportion
in fish, birds, mammals and insects . . .
Look at more examples of the Divine Proportion
in plants, and the solar system and music.

Would you like some evidence of
Divine design without the math?

Just take a look at the world around you . . .

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