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Examples of design using the Fibonacci Series and Divine Proportion are not limited to animals:

Fibonacci number spirals in a sunflower seed pod

Plants illustrate the Fibonacci series in the numbers of leaves, the arrangement of leaves around the stem and in the positioning of leaves, sections and seeds.

Here a sunflower seed illustrates this principal as the number of clockwise spirals is 55 (marked in red, with every tenth one in white) and the number of counterclockwise spirals is 89 (marked in green, with every tenth one in white.)

Pinecones and pineapples illustrate similar spirals of successive Fibonacci numbers.

Certain planets of our solar system also seem to exhibit a relationship to Divine Proportion, as shown by the following table of the time it takes to orbit around the Sun:

Solar system

  Mercury Venus Earth Jupiter Saturn
Power of Phi -3 -1 0 5 7
Decimal Result 0.24 0.62 1.0 11.1 29.0
Actual Period 0.24 0.62 1.0 11.9 29.5

Saturn and the Cassini division

The Cassini division in the rings of Saturn falls at the Golden Section of the width of the ring.

Bird songs have a foundation in the Fibonacci series as the frequencies of musical notes have relationships based on Fibonacci numbers:

Note Root Minor Sixth Fifth Major Sixth Octave
Relationship 1/1 3/5 3/2 5/3 2/1

But evidence of Divine design isn't limited to mathematical relationships.

Just take a look at the world around you . . .

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