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The Divine Proportion in Creation

"The Golden Ruler" by "The Evolution of Truth"

Examples of design using the Divine Proportion and Golden Section can be found in fish, birds, mammal and insects.

The "Golden Ruler" - a Fibonacci Measuring Stick, Copyright Evolution of Truth

Divine Proportions in an Angel Fish

Every key body feature of the angel fish falls at golden sections of its width and length.

The nose, tail section, and centers of the fins of the angel fish fall at first (blue) golden sections. The second golden section (yellow) defines the indents on the dorsal and tail finds as well as the top of the body. The green section defines the marking around the eye and the magenta section defines the eye.

Divine Proportions in a Penguin

Divine Proportions in a Tiger's Face

The eyes, beak, wing and key body markings of the penguin all fall at golden sections of its height.

All the key facial features of the tiger fall at golden sections of the lines defining the length and width of its face.

Divine Proportions in an ant - Side View

The body sections of an ant are defined by the golden sections of its length. Its leg sections are also golden sections of its length.

Divine Proportions in an Ant - Top View

Look at more examples of the Divine Proportion
in plants, and the solar system and music.

Would you rather see evidence
of Divine design without the math?

Just take a look at the world around you . . .

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